Need help with breaking bad habits? Here are ways to turn a new leaf

Need help with breaking bad habits? Here are ways to turn a new leaf

Most people do not intentionally fall into the habit of keeping bad habits. Sometimes what started as a slight misdemeanour turns out to be a behavioural pattern that becomes addictive and eventually leads to ruin. Breaking your bad habits is not impossible, but you need lots of courage because it is not an easy process. Here are ways you can break bad habits:

Have a support system

You need a support system to see you through that difficult phase of breaking away from your bad habits. You need people you can own up to and be accountable to. You need people who can provide you with strong emotional support and always encourage you anytime you feel like giving up. You can read about HealthExpress to know how they can support you in quitting your addiction.

Admit within you that your habits are bad and you need a change

You can break away from your bad habits only if you recognize that your habits are bad. If you see no wrong in what you are doing, then you cannot go further on the path of change. Acknowledge that your lifestyle is not the best you can come up with; that is the first step to living a changed life. For instance, if you want to change from an unhealthy eating habit to healthy diet, you must first know that it eating unhealthy foods is bad for your health and you must change it.

Be determined

Behavioural patterns are not formed in a day or month, they are formed day in day out since the time we have picked such bad habit. Besides, the longer you have been in the cycle, the harder it becomes to break it. As such, you must be resolute in your will to make a change. Despite the difficulties on the way, your resolution must prove stronger.

Cut off your triggers

Some of our bad habits are responses to situations. That means they are triggered by certain events, things or people. Your job is to recognize the triggers responsible for your bad habits and stay away from them. For instance, if you are prone to perpetrating physical violence and you find that insults from others trigger it, then it would be wise for you to cut off people who make you feel insulted or stay away from environments where you may be insulted.

Do not give up even if you fall

Anytime you fall, do not be discouraged to throw in the towel. Overcoming bad habits is not an easy process, but you are assured of victory at the end. Stand up and continue your fight as many times as you fall off the wagon. Do not let those failing moments define you. The battle is yours for the win!

Always affirm your victory

Science tells us that our words are strong; they never go away but they bounce around to come back to us with a full force. You can employ the power of words in winning the battle against your bad habits. Draw up a list of affirmations and speak them always, loud and clear to yourself as many times as possible. With time, these words will sink into your subconscious and will begin to control your actions and happenings.

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