Building Relationships With The Best Biotech Recruiting Agencies

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Recruiting professionals recruit people. That is what they are good at. They specialize in finding the perfect applicant that suits the company’s needs. A lot of these recruiters are contracted by biopharmaceutical and biotech firms to identify top applicants for their company’s job openings.

Organizations may have their in-house recruiters or outsource the recruitment process to an agency specializing in this kind of job. In either case, the recruiter’s goal is to provide the best applicants possible to the firm’s hiring managers. Here is the key: these professionals are excellent assets for people who are looking for a job.

Reaching out to these agencies and building a good relationship is very important when getting a job in this industry. It is one way to make sure that the applicant’s resume gets into the hands of the right hiring managers and not just some bot or keyword scanners.

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The more relationships companies have, and the more they understand the process of recruiting possible employees, the more successful the job search will be. The issue is that a lot of PhDs ignore the recruiting side of job search processes. Most of the professionals with PhDs have no idea when it comes to recruiters and how they work.

For instance, did they know that these professionals have specialties? Some of them focus on serving a particular area of the biopharmaceutical and biotech industry; other recruits for certain job levels like CEO, Vice President, director, manager, supervisors, or entry-level. In-house recruiters usually focus on particular candidates. In short, they are not a one-size-fits-all agency or professional.

Five critical keys to building good relationships with a recruitment agency

Doing your homework on firms and positions you are interested in is not enough to make sure you qualify for a non-academic position. People also need to do their homework on the agency that will best fit their needs. Applicants need to build relationships with agencies and individual recruiters.

The key here is that a lot of these professionals are not going to look for applicants; candidates need to look for them. Applicants need to send cold calls, emails, and follow up regularly until they have built a good and strong relationship with these experts. Only then will candidates become known in the recruitment industry and start having work offers sent to them personally. Listed below are some tips for building successful relationships with biopharmaceutical and biotech recruiters.

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Find the perfect agency or professional and get in touch with them

The most vital part of finding the perfect agency that suits your needs is doing a lot of research. Individuals need to take their time to look for the right agency or professional. They need to avoid thinking of themselves as beggars who are willing to accept any organization’s help.

They need to have an excellent academic attitude. People should know their value and make these experts sell themselves to them. These organizations are getting paid to help biotech and biopharmaceutical firms hire the top applicants. You are a top applicant. You are doing them a huge favor – act like it. Be friendly and polite, but do not show them you need the work badly. Here is how to find the right agency or professional the suit your needs:

A lot of industries will have companies that serve local organizations

Some of them cover significant cities, while others operate in a specific location.

Usually, they will list their top recruitment professionals depending on their specialty: which positions they recruit or which applicants they are looking for. People need to do their due diligence in researching this industry, making a thorough list, and ensuring that they are ready to reach these organizations confidently.

Upload resumes to recruiting firm websites

Once people have identified the firm that is the perfect fit for them, they can start uploading their resumes. But before doing that, they should make sure they have updated their resume. Do not send the firm the same resume you would give hiring managers. Instead, make an exceptional resume for each firm you are targeting.

Recruiting sites will have tons of information for both job seekers and companies. Go to their job-seeker page and create a profile. Upload the resume, but do not just stop there. Do not do what a lot of PhDs do – relaxing on the couch after uploading resumes. Instead, it would be best if you started networking.

Call these professionals

Uploading resumes are not the same as creating exemplary relationships. The only way to do this is to call the biotech recruiting company personally. Do not make this a huge deal. It is not a scheduled interview; it is just getting an update and saying hello. If talking through the phone makes you nervous, practice by talking to vendors.

Find phone numbers of customer service representatives to some reagent or instrument you are using in the laboratory and dial it. Start a conversation with customer service representatives that will answer your call. Ask them some questions about their services and products.

Calling recruitment agencies are the same thing. These people are there to serve applicants and serve organizations they work for. The first call applicants make should be short, simple, and straight to the point. Introducing yourself by telling them who you are, as well as the reason for your call.

If you have identified a certain position that they are responsible for, ask if that job is still available. If the applicant has not identified the position, job seekers should tell these organizations why they feel the company is the perfect fit for them and ask if they agree or disagree.

Keep the conversation open by asking a lot of questions about the agency. It means that they need to do their homework beforehand. Show them what they know by asking a lot of questions. These steps will leave any recruitment agencies impressed and keen to hear back from applicants.