5 Ways College Students Can Save Money on Food

There are several expenses for students while on campus; food is one of the expenses that more money is spent every semester. However, if you are in the category of trying to know how to save money while being at college, you are in the right place. Check the following ways you can take to save money on food as a college student.

  1. Buy in Bulk

You can save money by buying in bulk, but only if they are items you use daily. This act can prevent you from making many unnecessary shopping trips and also saves you in the transportation money you would have utilised.

So, buy consumables that will last indefinitely in bigger bundles, such as pasta, oatmeal, cereal, and rice. But make sure you have space for them to keep, or you could end up with loads of groceries without any room to store them!

  1. Split the Cost of Your Groceries with Your Roommates

Speak about sharing the cost of basic groceries (e.g., salt, eggs, pepper, milk, flour, sugar, rice, butter, etc.) with your roommates. This way, each one of you can save money without worrying about wasting your food, particularly those that are perishable.

Make sure everybody gets the portion they’ve paid for and are watching for the nom-nom thief (the roommates who steal food from other people)!

  1. Carry a Water Bottle with You Everywhere

Your water bottle should be your faithful companion. Yes, you’re not only saving many ringgits on drinks every day, but it’s also your healthiest drink choice. Thereby invest in a decent container (e.g., those that are BPA-free and durable). Then, when you can easily get a free refill on campus, never spend money on bottled plastic water.

  1. Get Your Protein from Eggs

Eating protein isn’t only essential for your wellbeing; it can also keep you filled for longer. Eggs are not costly; they are a decent source of protein of high quality. They are often flexible and can be cooked (e.g., scrambled, boiled, fried, poached, and steamed) in many ways.

7. Salvage Your Food

Do you find yourself continually throwing food out of your cupboard or refrigerator because it no longer looks good? Those foods are possibly still salvageable most of the time. To preserve them, you just need to learn the tricks or learn how to make them fresh.

Don’t fuss over the best before dates for starters. They merely serve as a reference and are likely to be edible for a few more days, at least. An easy guide to know when to or not to eat food that has passed its best by date is to use your 3 senses — smell, sight, and touch. More often than not, if they pass all 3 tests, they’re good to eat.

8. Don’t Shop when you’re Hungry

Have you ever gone with a particular food in your mind to the store, but ended up buying a host of other food or snacks you could stay away from? Well, you were hungry, most likely.

Research shows you can never go shopping on an empty stomach because you can spend not only more than you need but also make unhealthy food purchases. So shop on a full stomach and fight the urge to wander over to the section of junk food!