5 signs you should set a dental meeting right away 

Nobody wants a situation in which professional dental help is needed. However, there are numerous signs that might become a serious problem if ignored. Bleeding gums, sudden severe pain or a chipped tooth are signals that you need to visit a specialist as fast as possible. What are the main signs to set a dental appointment?

A loose or knocked-out tooth

Whenever you feel one of your teeth is wiggly, you should immediately contact your dentist. It might not be an issue, but sometimes can lead to serious oral problems, like paradontosis. If your tooth has been knocked-out, quickly set a dental appointment to see if there is any serious damage. There are numerous situations which lead to teeth deficiencies – usually caused by sports injuries or in car accidents.

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Abscessed tooth

This kind of infection is painful and life-threatening, usually found at the root of the infected tooth. The main signs of abscess is fever, persistent toothache, swollen face, bumps on your gums, extreme sensitivity and bad taste in mouth. In such case, do not wait any one day longer – it is a dental emergency that can cause damage in other areas of your body if untreated.

Swollen gums

Occasional bleeding or gum irritation are considered normal and does not require immediate dental check-up. However, if you struggle with excessive bleeding and your gums become swollen, it means that probably there is some health issue that must be seen by a professional. Do not ignore symptoms such as swelling and pain, otherwise you will reach the point of no return.

Swollen mouth of jaw

When you suddenly notice a swollen jaw or mouth for no obvious reason, quickly set a dental appointment. Even when you do not experience any pain, or it is just a slight pulsing, immediate treatment is probably needed. Above-mentioned symptoms may indicate gum infection, chipped or cracked teeth, lymph nodes irritation or any other serious infection that must be examined by a dentist.

Lodged object between teeth

Eating hard food or chewing fruits with seeds may end up with an object stuck between your teeth. If flossing or brushing does not work, contact your dentist to remove it. Sometimes the object is lodged in a tooth cavity, which my lead to infection, tooth decay or gum disease. In such case, a visit to the dental clinic is unavoidable.

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