Taking Care of Your Luggage

The increased security in airports has meant that it is now increasingly difficult for drug traffickers to get their illegal substances across borders. Whether it is cocaine marijuana, opium or prescription drugs, the drug traffickers do still try and smuggle huge amounts of illegal work through airports each year.

As a result, increased vigilance is essential for every traveller due to the fact many people are victims of illicit drugs smuggling even though they have nothing to do with it. Many people get caught for smuggling other peoples drugs and face long terms in prisons for committing crimes they did not commit. This guide aims to help protect you from the risks associated with airports when it comes to illegal drugs trafficking.

When you are considering travelling abroad, do a little research about which country you are visiting. Many third world countries have problems with drug trafficking and many of the baggage handlers are notoriously corrupt. If you are travelling to a second or third world country, make sure you have lockable luggage which only certified officials can open. Travel Sentry is one of the leading manufacturers of secure luggage and opening it requires a special key that only certain airport officials have. As a result, you can be assured that if your bag needs inspected only a legitimate official will inspect it.

Once you have made your arrangements, packing your own bag is your responsibility. If you haven’t packed your bag, make sure someone you know has because if there are drugs found in your luggage you will be responsible for them so ensure that you know exactly what’s inside and that the luggage is securely packed. Try not to over-pack your luggage in-case of bursting so that your bags are safe and don’t burst whilst going through the airport.

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Above all you need to consider the penalties for smuggling drugs abroad if you do decide to do it. Many countries have ksevere penalties which can range from 5 years in prison to execution. Many times you will be refused access to diplomatic services and forced to face trial alone. Are you prepared to risk it? Carrying drugs is both a dangerous and expensive hobby and you must decide whether or not it is worth it.You will be required to go through security clearance at the airport and at this time people may approach you. Try and keep your distance from people until after the security checkpoints because they may attempt to force drugs onto your person. If you are asked to carry a package ensure that you do not comply and keep your baggage with you at all times.