Review of AcryliGlo Designs Fluorescent Luggage and Bag Tags for Travel

Fluorescent luggage and bag tags for travel are very handy in identifying your travel gear, which AcryliGlo Designs makes. These fluorescent luggage and bag tags have edges that give off a glow when light is shined on them. Here’s my review of the AcryliGlo Designs fluorescent luggage and bag tags for travel. I recommend this product for travelers.

More About AcryliGlo Designs Fluorescent Luggage and Bag Tags For Travel

How often do you think your bag is coming out of the luggage carousel but then you realize it is someone else’s, especially if your travel luggage is black? Well, having a fluorescent luggage tag on each of your bags makes identification easier. Whenever light hits the edges of these AcryliGlo travel products, they actually glow, which I initially verified just by turning on the lights in my house.

I chose one of AcrilyGlo’s personalized fluorescent luggage and bag tags in the color orange, which has my name, address and phone number on it plus and icon of an airplane on one side. I was allowed to have four lines of information plus one an icon put on one side of the tag (five lines and no icon is an option, too). The icon I chose was an airplane, but you can choose from scores of designs listed at the AcryliGlo website here which focus on sports, music, transportation, animals, etc.

The durability of these tags is very good, given that they are one-quarter inch thick acrylic and measure 2-3/8″ x 4-3/8″! They don’t bend if you try to bend them. My orange luggage and bag tag is extremely bright and very noticeable, especially when attached to my black luggage. The 9 inch plastic luggage and bag tag strap is also very durable. I pulled on it really hard and it didn’t break.

Now, if you don’t want a personalized one for your travel trips, which costs more, you can ask for their standard luggage and bag tags. These fluorescent luggage and bag tags are the same size as the personalized ones, come in the same six colors, and have the same kind of straps as the personalized luggage bag tags of AcryliGlo Designs. The difference is that you get a blank identification card on the back side that you can take out. On the front side of the identification card that came with my blue standard issue tag, the company name and website can be found. I was able to put business card in the slot, too. The glow of the blue comes across as light-bluish (as pictured, as the sunlight touches the edges while I’m holding it).