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Taking Care of Your Luggage

The increased security in airports has meant that it is now increasingly difficult for drug traffickers to get their illegal substances across borders. Whether it is cocaine marijuana, opium or prescription drugs, the drug traffickers do still try and smuggle huge amounts of illegal work through airports each year. As a result, increased vigilance is essential for every traveller due…

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Search and Seizure

Topic One “squeezing luggage in a bus”. The significance of this case is the Court found that an individual’s luggage, depending on the environment in which the luggage is located and the type of luggage being used is in fact, protected by the fourth Amendment. The Courts reasoning for this was based upon Bonds expectation of privacy due to his…

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Naked in Paris

It felt like a #11 bowling ball in the pit of my stomach rivaled only by the rising burning in the middle of my chest as the final piece of luggage catapulted out of the mouth of the luggage cave in the Paris airport. Alas, my favorite leopard print bag was not among those bags that could be counted as…

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